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extendher  Extendher Maternity Coat Extender
Pregnant woman wearing maternity coat extenderextendher-dimensions-1-194x300
Pregnant woman wearing maternity coat extender

Extendher Maternity Coat Extender


WHAT MAKES EXTENDHER DIFFERENT? It’s the ONLY universal maternity coat extender. This means that it can be worn with any coat or vest no matter the length or type of zipper you have. People find that it is amazing that it can be worn with long or shorter lengths. There is no need for a specific zipper attachment to buy for every coat, like with other extenders. Ours gives you the flexibility of using it with any coat and it adjusts to the height of your baby’s preference on the carrier.

Many maternity coat extenders attach to your coat or jacket’s zipper. There are thousands of zipper types and lengths. Unless your zipper matches up with the zipper on the other extenders, you will have to order a zipper attachment that you have to purchase for every coat you intend to wear with other extenders. Extendher is different. Our patented design uses clips, not a zipper. Simply clip extendher to your coat, jacket or sweatshirt with the ease of clip, zip, & go! It can also be used for baby wearing over your favorite carrier or wrap. Made of breathable, waterproof fabric, your baby (and belly) will stay warm and dry. It’s machine washable too!

FEEL GOOD IN YOUR OWN OUTERWEAR. Works with fashionable coats, jackets, sweatshirts and activewear you already own. Don’t buy a new wardrobe when you can use this fashionable babywearing coat extender to modify styles you already love. Ready and easy to use. Just clip, zip and go. Use Extendher during and after pregnancy for maternity and babywearing.With our windproof and waterproof jacket extender, you can simply clip, zip and GO!

ADAPT YOUR FAVORITE OUTERWEAR TO LIFE WITH THE BUMP AND BABY: Works with fashionable coats, jackets, sweatshirts and activewear you already own. Don’t buy a new wardrobe when you can use this fashionable babywearing coat extender to modify styles you already love. Ready and easy to use. Just clip, zip and go. Use Extendher during and after pregnancy for maternity and babywearing.

WATERPROOF YET BREATHABLE MULTI LAYER WARMTH: Keep your baby and your belly protected with this breathable nylon fabric jacket extender while keeping them extra warm against the comfort of you, their mom. Perfect for all seasons with its windproof and waterproof features, keeping baby dry, warm and safe from rain, wind, and snow. Machine washable makes it easy to clean.

MULTI FUNCTIONAL USE THAT WON’T BREAK THE BANK: The jacket maternity expander grows with you, allowing you to wear your coat and garments throughout all stages of pregnancy and beyond. Don’t spend money on buying new clothes and a maternity jacket. Instead clip it onto your favorite sweatshirt, coat, jacket, or vest.

CREATED BY WOMEN WHO UNDERSTAND YOUR NEEDS: The patented design of the Extendher was produced especially for you by women who understand the importance of pregnant and new mothers to be both warm and comfortable while carrying their babies. Extendher gives moms the flexibility and time to focus on what really matters instead of scrambling to find something to wear out of the house.

MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT– Give the truly unique gift that every new or expecting mom would love!

PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: Proudly created and produced in the USA with the highest of quality and precision. Our universal clip system makes it ready to wear and easy to share. No need for additional costly zippers or adapters, simply clip, zip, and go. Perfect for moms, dads, grandparents, and even babysitters


Premium polyester yarns are used for their hydrophobic properties, to repel moisture and speed dry times. The lofted structures create thermal air pockets to retain warmth, and still allow optimal breathability. That’s why Polartec® synthetic fleece is still the most dependable, versatile fabric around.

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Maternity coat extender and jacket extender that’s great for babywearing too.

OUTER LAYER (BLACK) Taslon (similar to Gortex)

  • 3 ply nylon: densely woven nylon outer layer, insulating inner membrane, Tricot backing
  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable, avoiding condensation inside from body heat
  • Center zipper makes for easy accessibility

INNER LAYER (BLACK)-Polyester Polartec® Polar Fleece

  • Warmth without weight
  • Non bulky
  • Breathable
  • Pill resistant
  • Provides a very soft, warm layer against baby’s skin

Length– 28”
Width- 15 1/2”
Weight- 11 oz

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Additional information



Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Extendher Maternity Coat Extender

  1. Jessica

    When I found out that my niece was expecting, I was overjoyed.. I didn’t want her to waste her money on a maternity coat so I bought her the extendher. Not only was she able to use it to get her through her last trimester, but she has used it all spring to keep the baby snuggly and warm on those cool nights at the ball field. This is truly an amazing product!

  2. Ryan Messier

    Brilliant product! A major hit at my nieces baby shower!

  3. Terisa

    7 months preggers and this product allows me to wear any of my jackets/coats as it gets colder in New England. Fits fine on my husband’s winter coat as well, so he’s ready to carry baby this winter too! So easy to put on and change around. Best investment, hands down. Especially considering it works through pregnancy, enables me to continue to wear ALL my favorite coats/jackets, and will be usable by both me and my husband. Worth every penny. Warm and soft inside. Love!!

  4. Terisa

    Fits my coat perfectly. Haven’t worn it out yet, since it’s summer, but I am excited to try it out.

  5. Emme

    I hate being cold and I live in NYC where I have to walk around in the cold every day, and all winter long I wear a big North Face down coat that goes down to my knees. I looked at different maternity coats online in a range of prices, and I just never felt like any of them actually looked like they would be warm enough for NYC winter. I figured I would try the extendher so I could just keep wearing my North Face coat, and I’ve been wearing it for a few months now, in different levels of cold. And – I’m happy to report that is works! I’ve worn it in below freezing temps and it blocks out the cold nicely and works well with my regular coat. The only drawback is that it is quite large, I wish that they offered a small, medium, large option instead of one size fits all. But the company is still young, maybe they will one day. I’m 37 weeks pregnant now and was a size 8/10 before pregnancy and I still wear the extendher sinched to its smallest size and it still looks a little awkward/ bulky. For a very petite person, it might not be as practical as the wind can blow up into the coat when the extendher is too big, but for me it is definitely the most practical maternity coat option that I found. I know you can find an entire maternity down coat for around the same price, but realistically, I knew it would not be nearly as well made or as warm as my regular coat plus the extendher. And the new coat would have been bulky and overlarge for a couple of months, too, since you have to buy a coat that would be big enough to close around a full term pregnant belly, so really the extendher just makes the most sense. I like that I will be able to baby wear with it next winter, too.

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Machine wash gentle cycle in cold with like colors
Washing in a lingerie bag will extend life of product and protect clips
Lay flat to dry