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The tradition of trick-or-treating has significantly changed through the years. Stemming from the ancient Celtic traditions of dressing in animal heads and skins during their Samhain festival, the custom has evolved through the years with influences from the English, Romans, Native Americans, and other European immigrants to the modern American version of going door-to-door for treats and goodies. Early Americans dressed in costumes to avoid being recognized by the spirits that they believed descended between the worlds on the sacred “All Hallows Eve.” The food and goodies that were exchanged or left outside doorsteps were to appease the spirits and keep them from entering the living’s homes.

As Halloween became more child centered, this tradition evolved into bringing the kids door-to-door for treats and a night of fun. But with this fun often comes cold nights, and having a baby in tow can make the evening tricky for everyone. Using an extendher can help! With our choice of products suitable for the cold and damp days of fall and winter, you can choose the perfect extendher for you. Just clip one of our wind and waterproof, fleece-lined options directly onto your own coat or vest and you will be hands-free with a warm baby ready to go for all the evening’s activities – no extra blankets or snowsuits needed.

Going trick or treating with your little ones? Send us a picture of the extendher in action. We love seeing all the creative costumes out there!


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