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Valentine’s Gifts for the New Mom

Valentine’s Gifts for the New Mom

Sometimes Valentine’s Day can be a lot of pressure, trying to find the perfect gift AND create the perfect romantic date night. If you add to it the natural brain fog that surrounds a new baby in the home, it can seem downright impossible! Here are a few ideas on what to get the new mom in your life (hint – take off the pressure!).

Gift Ideas

Flowers and candy are always nice, but if you’re looking for something a little more personalized (or if your new mom is trying to lose those baby pounds and doesn’t want any temptations around), here are a few alternate ideas for great gifts without breaking the bank:

  1. Good Coffee – Those long, awake nights require caffeine, stat! Wrap up a couple of bags of a good, gourmet coffee that she would love instead of the usual stuff she grabs off the shelf in the supermarket. Death Wish Coffee, a NY-based company, is the world’s strongest coffee and a perfect solution for tired mamas!
  2. Coupons – Make a coupon book for things you can do to give her a break, not just on Valentine’s Day but throughout the month. Think about things like a sleep-in day, 1 hour of alone time, diaper duty-free day, clean house, foot massage, dinner duty, adult night out, etc. Be creative and have fun with it! A coupon book can provide smiles long past Valentine’s Day.
  3. Charms or Trinkets – There are some great charms out there to commemorate the birth of your baby and the ultimate level of love added to her life. Add a charm to a bracelet, or buy a birthstone keyring, mom & child necklace, child rings, locket w/ baby’s picture, birthstone necklaces – many choices for all tastes!
  4. Personalized Baby Photo Items – Does she have a favorite photo of baby or a new family picture? Turn it into an item she’ll love! There are a lot of fun personalized photo products now, like blankets, trinket boxes, puzzles, love knots, calendars, and more!
  5. Garden Stones – Does she like to garden or is she looking forward to spring flowers? Personalized garden stones are a great addition to a new family home. Personalize with names, dates, and place in a flower bed or garden in the spring.
  6. Baby Photo Journal – Photo journals are a great way to use those adorable baby photos she’s been collecting and keep track of all the milestone’s in baby’s life.
  7. Spa Day – In those first few months with babies, showers seem like a treat, so give her an ultimate treat with a gift card to go get her hair done and/or a day away for a massage, facial, or pedicure to pamper herself for a few hours. Don’t forget to mention that you’re on baby duty while she’s enjoying her quiet time! Not sure where to go? Use Spa Finder to find out all the information you need to know.
  8. Audio Book Subscription – Does she like to read but hasn’t had time (or quiet) to sit down with a book lately? How about an audio book subscription so she can listen to her favorite authors while caring for the baby or driving to work? Try Audio Books to start.
  9. I Love You Chalkboard – Reminders of why she’s loved shouldn’t be celebrated just on Valentine’s Day. Keep this cute little chalkboard out all year round and don’t forget to change the message to remind her of why you fell in love with her in the first place.
  10. Where It Began Map – Create a special picture commemorating the start of your relationship.
  11. Happy Hedge – Don’t underestimate self-care items! If she’s looking for a new way to make grooming easier, try the Happy Hedge – a subscription service dedicated to caring for women’s delicate curves, skin & hair.
  12. Sleep Mask – Sleep can be hard enough these days. Help make it a little easier with a luxurious sleep mask. Pick something soft and smooth for against her weary eyes. Some also come with aromatherapy to help soothe away a long day.
  13. Extendher – A perfect gift for the baby wearing mama on the go! Use this clip-on panel to protect your baby from cold while out and about – without the hassle of bulky snowsuits or pesky blankets! Simply clip, zip, and go!
  14. Date Star Map – Going out and gazing at the stars might be out of the question, but a star map showing the night’s sky on the day you were married, engaged, or when the little one was born might be a cute reminder of your family’s love to keep around the house!
  15. Salt Lamp – Salt lamps not only provide a soft, soothing light (perfect for those late night feedings), but they also help clean & purify the air, which can result in increased energy and a clear and focused mind. Here are a few options to choose from.
  16. Song Heart – Take the lyrics of your special song and create a picture to remember your special day.
  17. Message Rose – Is she not into flowers that she’ll only have to throw out in a few days? How about a message rose? Write her a special message and have it turned into a beautiful rose that will last forever!
  18. Freedom Day – A good old-fashioned day of freedom to spend with her girlfriends is invaluable! Let her know she’s free to go!

Activity Ideas

Want to add a special touch to the day even though a romantic weekend away is out of the question this year? Here are a couple of ideas to still add some romance to your day:

  1. Adult Time Out – If baby is old enough, then a night out (even if it’s a short night) might be exactly what she needs. Arrange a babysitter, give her plenty of alone time to shower and hop into her favorite dress without spit up, and head out to her favorite restaurant for dinner.
  2. Night In – If a night out is not in the cards this year, then plan a special night in that starts in the morning!
    Surprise her with a Valentine by her pillow for when she wakes up. Then hide little Valentines around the house for her to find throughout the day. Make her breakfast with heart-shaped treats, put heart decorations around the table with flowers to brighten things up. Plan time later in the day to sit down together to have a candlelit dinner – one that she doesn’t have to cook. If she gets stressed out having someone else in the kitchen, then bring home take-out from a favorite restaurant, or order an in-home chef for the night. There are many very reasonable options now for wholesome food made by a real chef in your area. Some come to your home to cook (and clean up when they’re done), or some deliver the food ready to go! After, watch a romantic movie or play an adult game – just the two of you. Later, hop into a bed that you’ve made with fresh (clean) sheets (bonus if they happen to be new sheets that are a higher quality than she’s used to!) for more adult fun, or even just a good night’s sleep!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo Credit: wuestenigel Top view of flat lay with cup of coffee, gift box and colorful sprinkles via photopin (license)

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