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Attention all mommies!

Attention all mommies!

How many of you have experienced the personal struggle of being pregnant and not being able to zip your coat? It’s exciting! (There’s a baby in there!) And demoralizing. (I gotta buy a coat? For what, like 3 months of use?) Well, that was me, and rather than buying a new coat, I froze my tail off!

Luckily, Joanne and I have the perfect solution. It’s called the extendher. Such a great product, and with two functions: First it expands your favorite coat (so you don’t have to buy a cheapo jacket just to get you through one season), and then after you deliver, you can wear it in carrier protector mode over your favorite carrier and protect your little munchkin from the elements, or just a biting chill.

And even though I’m no longer pregnant (I’ve got my hands full, thank you!), my extendher still gets plenty of use in carrier protector mode with my beautiful twins.

The photo below shows the original extendher, made for cold climates and bitter winds. We’ve also begun offering a lightweight extendher, well-suited for the spring and summer months.

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