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Reusable Transparent Facemask


  • Clear plastic window vinyl offers the ability to visibly see facial expressions.  
  • Flexible nose wire
  • Extra long design extends past your chin, allowing for increased air flow
  • 2 Ply Cotton
  • Reusable/Eco-friendly
  • Contour Design- Curves under your cheekbones and peeks at your nose for a more contour look and feel
  • Comfortable & Soft
  • Secure Fit, gender neutral sizing due to adjustable ear loops. Simply select adult or child
  • Adjustable soft ear loops, simply by tying a knot that sits in a hidden pocket
  • Hand washable only
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One of the challenges of traditional masks is that they block our mouths, and prevent our ability to see facial expressions, & emotions. This can be very difficult when it comes to communication. Our transparent mask offers visibility to recognize facial expressions.  These are important for interpersonal connections, and rapport building, all which help to improve relationships.

This mask is idea for the following individuals:

  • Geriatric population

  • Those with language barriers

  • Interpreters and translators

  • Physical Therapists

  • People experiencing confusion, stress, or anxiety

  • Children, especially those with special needs

  • Essential employees

  • Workers in loud environments, where lip communication is essential, or individuals who are deaf/ hard of hearing

Let’s do our part and help stop the spread!  These 100% cotton reusable masks are the perfect solution in helping to protect yourself and your community.  These specialty masks are hand crafted by our senior designer, who has well over 40 years in the fashion industry.   She has carefully designed this mask knowing that there are many individuals who need to visualize facial expressions.  The bendable nose piece repeats the shape of your face offering a secure close at the bridge of your nose.  This works well with individuals who wear glasses, as it prevents the mask from slipping. 

The general public does not need to wear medical masks, please save those for our frontline workers.  The CDC recommends cotton face coverings for the general public. 

Reusable masks cut down on waste making them an eco-friendly solution for our environment

These are non-medical, reusable face coverings that are not FDA approved, nor are they considered PPE.  Please continue normal social distancing practices, good handwashing, and avoid touching your face as much as possible!

Please allow 3-5 days for shipping 

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Adult (12+ fits both male & female), Child medium (fits 7-12), Child small (fits 2-6)

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