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Adult Face Masks: $10-$15


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Buy 1 Adult Face Mask and we will donate 1 Adult Face Mask in your name to a medical facility in need. 

The cost of this purchase covers design, manufacturing, credit card processing fees, and shipping.  We appreciate your support!

**Mask material colors change day to day, preference requests can ONLY be made on PayPal in order notes – please do not email. The volunteers that are packing are only seeing the PayPal confirmations and will try to provide you with preferred colors.**

The intent behind reusable handmade face masks is to catch some droplet particles (unfortunately not Covid-19), but more to prevent you from touching your mouth and nose.  These practices along with good hand washing can help slow the spread. Children’s masks available too

-Masks are made of either 100% cotton or a cotton blend, double-layered, with an elastic edging to place around your ear.

-They are machine washable, and are meant to be washed after every use

Please Allow 3-5 Days for Shipping due to Heavy Demand.

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Weight 1 lbs
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$10 Adult Mask, $15 Buy 1 Adult Size Mask & Donate 1, $75 Buy 5 Adult Size Mask & Donate 5, $375 Bulk Purchase 50 Masks


Female, Male (slightly larger)