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Dear Valued Customers and Friends,

As the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to spread, we at Extendher, LLC are taking active measures to prioritize the well-being of our company, while recognizing the health crisis at hand.

As a currently practicing RN, I appreciate the steps that have been taken and recognize they are critical measures to slow the rate of transmission.

From a business perspective,  unfortunately, we are one of the many who have taken a tremendous financial hit over the last 7 weeks. Many folks have scaled back, worried about job security, and the future of the economy, rather than investing in luxury baby goods (rightly so).

We recognize that we are at a critical pivot point, and with Joanne’s extensive fashion/ design background, and my medical background, we have come up with a 2- fold solution.

  1. We have launched the #facemaskforhtefrontlines program, manufacturing washable cotton masks for medical facilities that can use them. This will be done both in house, as well a through one of our local manufacturers here in NY. These are not of PPE quality, but they can be used however they see fit, depending on their individual situations. The CDC now recommends the use of handmade masks over PPE as a last resort measure, in times of need. Many hospitals across NYS are following this practice as they are rationed to one set of PPE per shift.
  2. Secondly, we will be manufacturing washable cotton masks for the general public to purchase. This is in an effort to conserve medical equipment that is critical for those folks on the front lines.  I have been an RN for 20 years, and I am begging you to please save these essential PPE items for those that truly need it.  Those that are exposed to this virus while trying to remain protected. Many hospitals are running on dangerously low supply, and some are completely out. The general public does not need N95  masks.   Believe me, we understand the desire for some kind of protection, as it gives a sense of security at a very scary time.  The intent behind reusable handmade facemasks is to catch some droplet particles (unfortunately not Covid-19), but more to prevent you from touching your mouth and nose.  These practices along with good handwashing, can all, in turn, can slow the spread.  Please note, these are meant for those necessary trips, and by no means replaces social distancing.  We are optimistic that this will help ease some of the anxiety surrounding those grocery store or gas station visits and are hopeful this will generate some revenue to prevent our business from failing entirely.


We kindly ask that you will help support our efforts by visiting our website and purchasing one today. This will contribute to the organization, creation, and distribution of the masks. For every mask purchased, we will donate 1 to a facility in need.  If we all band together, this can add up to a tremendous volume of masks.  Joanne has created a beautifully fitted design for both adults and children, and they are available in multiple prints. Free shipping on order over $20 right to your door!

In times like these, both our business relationships and our personal relationships are more important than ever. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers and we wish you safety and good health. We at Extendher will do our part and together can help #flattenthecurve.


  1. These masks are reusable but are meant to be washed after each use.
  2. Handmade facemasks do not prevent the spread of Covid-19 particles, however research suggests, they discourage you from touching your mouth or face, which is a catalyst for transmission.