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Nautical Facemasks $12-$17


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Nautical Fabric Face Masks:

#Facemasksforthefrontlines program- Buy 1 Specialty Fabric Face Mask and we will donate 1 Adult Face Mask  to a hospital or medical facility in need. 

The cost of this purchase covers design, manufacturing, credit card processing fees, and shipping.  We appreciate your support!

The intent behind reusable handmade face masks is to catch some droplet particles (unfortunately not Covid-19), but more to prevent you from touching your mouth and nose.  These practices along with good hand washing can help slow the spread. Children’s masks available too

-Masks are made of either 100% cotton or a cotton blend, double-layered, with an elastic edging to place around your ear.

-They are machine washable, and are meant to be washed after every use

Please Allow 3-5 Days for Shipping due to Heavy Demand and Custom Material.

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Weight 1 lbs
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$12 Antique Boat Direct Buy, $17 Antique Boat (1 for you,1 for facility), $12 Lake Life Direct Buy, $17 Lake Life (1 for you,1 for facility), $12 Rope Stripe Direct Buy, $17 Rope Stripe (1 for you,1 for facility), $12 Anchor & Bouy Direct Buy, $17 Anchor & Bouy (1 for you,1 for facility), $12 Blue water Sail & speedboat, $17 Blue water Sail & speedboat (1 for you,1 for facility), $12 Anchor Direct Buy, $17 Anchor (1 for you,1 for facility


Female, Male (slightly larger), Child Medium